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Acchi Cocchi accepts donation on【Syncable】 Your minimum donation of 500 yen or more will support our activities that bring Smiles to people with Music and Arts”
March-May 2022
Acchi Cocchi was featured on Kanagawa local information magazine “Mugcul Event Calendar” March-May 2022 issue. Please enjoy the article in English and Japanese
Dec. 2021
A Journey of Finding Music - A Classical Concert for Parents and Children. 10 musicians, dancers and artists come together to bring to you 10 exciting episodes of an adventure story! These videos were created with Japanese audio and subtitles in English.
Acchi Cocchi artists will be performing at the WaWaWa! MM Station Festival“
Yokohama Yukata Festival” on Saturday, August 18 at the Minatomirai Station Event Plaza"
The Japan Times issued an article about "Acchi Cocchi brings healing through art"
Mar. 2018
Australia's only national newspaper "The Australian" issued an article "Staging a recovery" about
our art project in Minamisanriku collaborated with Polyglot; one of Australia's most enduring
children's theatre companies.(issued on March 10, 2018)
Mar. 2018
Movie clip of the workshop held in Minamisanriku, damaged by the disaster of the 2011 Japan earthquake
and tsunami, published by "The Australian" is now uploaded. (issued on March 10, 2018)
Mar. 2018
Acchi Cocchi and Australian Company, Polyglot Theatre will co-present a project for children called
“Paper Planet” at the Minami Sanriku-cho Bayside Arena in Miyagi on 3rd March.
We will also visit the elementary schools in Minami Sanriku-cho to present art workshop.
Dec. 2017
Movie clip of the “Waku Waku Workshop Vol.6,”
an art, music, and dance workshop for children is now uploaded.
Mar. 2017
Movie clip of the Cafe Concert at the earthquake
and tsunami tide devastated region is now uploaded.
Acchi Cocchi will give a group presentation of “What Can an Art Workshop do for Kids?” at TPAM Yokohama on Tuesday, February 10th from 13:20-13:50 at the second floor of Bank ART Studio NYK.
Special Award of the annual Prize for Organizations Supporting Children and Childcare in Kanagawa 2015 --- Kodomo Kosodate Shien Taisho --- was given to Acchi Cocchi.
The Australian Embassy posted on its website about the workshop Acchi Cocchi jointly hosted with Australia’s Polyglot Theatre at the tsunami devastated region in Tohoku, Japan.
The Japan Times issued an article about Acchi Cocchi’s children workshop “Let’s Decorate the Christmas Tree” held in Yokohama.

What We Do

Acchi Cocchi connects artists who want to deliver arts and people who want to appreciate arts.

International Interaction Programs through Art:

Cooperative projects with international artists from Japan and all over the world. We coproduce workshops for children, projects at the disaster devastated regions, international educational music festivals and other projects with organizations and groups around the world.

Workshops for children to enjoy art through playful time:

It is important for children to have a good first impression before experiencing. Would you like your children to experience the process of how artists create their works? We plan and produce workshops so children can enjoy art and music all at once with young artists.

Concerts at the disaster devastated regions:

We have been visiting the tsunami and earthquake devastated Tohoku regions in Japan every month since 2011 right after the disasters and providing live music concerts, handmade sweets and coffee to the afflicted people.
Our aim is to connect the people of Yokohama and the devastated regions and to bring cheer and smile to the people through art and music.

Cafe Concerts of authentic classical music for the communities:

Please feel cozy by enjoying the coffees and handmade sweets before the concerts, and enjoy singing songs, playing musical instruments and interaction with the artists at the KIZUNA Cafe Concerts.
We will visit and hold the concert at care facilities such as elderly homes, therefore people who are not able to go outside but want to enjoy art can have a pleasant time at our KIZUNA Cafe Concerts.
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What is Acchi Cocchi?

Acchi Cocchi means here and there in Japanese. Acchi Cocchi delivers music and art created by young talented artists
to many places in Japan and throughout the world.
Only 5% of the Artist and Musician continue in their professions after graduation from universities in Japan.
Acchi Cocchi is supporting the talented young artists, and delivering art from Japan to the world.

History of Acchi Cocchi:

August 2011:
Established in Yokohama as a citizen organization to promote social actions. Acchi Cocchi is hosting the Cafe Concerts every month at the earthquake and tsunami tide devastated regions in Tohoku Japan together with artists to support and cheer up the local people. Since the first Cafe Concert at the devastated town in Miyagi right after the disaster, Acchi Cocchi has been visiting Miyagi every month. Started another monthly Cafe Concerts at Fukushima from February 2014.
December 2012:
Hosting and organizing the first Workshop to connect the local children, parents and young artists from diverse fields.
July 2013:
Attended the Power-Up Seminar of the Yokohama Change Maker’s Camp for the Social Business Operators.
August 21, 2013:
Acchi Cocchi was registered as non-profit-making organization.
January 2014:
The first KIZUNA Cafe Concert at elderly home. The aim of the KIZUNA Cafe Concerts is to connect the elderly people and their families as well as the elderly homes and the communities.
July 2014:
Supported the management of the Bernstein Memorial Festa hosted by the Pacific Music Festival Organization (PMF), Sapporo Japan.
November 2014:
Made a speech at the Yokohama Women Business Festa hosted by Yokohama City.
February 2015:
Made a speech about Art and Philanthropy at TPAM Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama.
May 2015:
Acchi Cocchi and Australia’s Polyglot Theatre co-prodiced workshops at the elementary schools and nursing home in Minami Sanrikucho. Polyglot Theatre is an art company for children which has 40 years of its history in Australia.
July 2015:
Will support the management of the Music Masters Course (MMCJ), Yokohama Japan.
February 2016:
Gave a group presentation of “What Can an Art Workshop do for Kids?” at TPAM.
June 2016:
Authorized as Certified Nonprofit Organization Acchi Cocchi.
June 2017:
Participated in the ETIC. x American Express Service Academy and launched the “Artists Support Project."
Mar 2018:
Thanks to the education board of Minami Sanrikucho, Miyagi Prefecture, Acchi Cocchi and Polyglot Theatre co-produced and presented the art, music, and dance merged workshop called “Paper Planet” in all 5 elementary schools as well as at the Bayside Arena in Minami Sanrikucho."
November 2019:
Staging “Dining Room Tables” event at Kansai area and Yokohama in Japan, and Sydney, Australia, as international exchange project.
September 2020:
Starting two projects: the “Acchi Cocchi Atrium Concert - Relax your mind, smile for you-” series at the Atrium of Yokohama City Hall, and the “Kids Cafe & Art Workshop” in Yokohama”
April 2021:
Starting “Children Hospice Art School” project at the Yokohama Children’s Hospice, the first children’s hospice in Kanto area of Japan
November 2021:
Received commencement by the Cabinet Office’s Minister of State for Special Mission for our activities in the field of Supports for Rearing Children and Youth.

Board Members:

Mikako Atsuchi
Graduated from the Piano Course, Music Department, Musashino Academia Musicae. Worked for KAJIMOTO Co, a classical music management company, for twenty years. Worked as the manager of artists, as well as involved in planning, producing and managing music concerts and festivals. Worked with many great artists from around the world and learned much from them.
Vice President:
Masayo Takebayashi
Director General of NPO Yufu, an organization promoting the reduction of trash at events.
Board Member:
Kaori Miki
Board Member:
Kenji Hotta
Tomoko Watanabe
President of Tomo Creations Co., LTD.
Social actions through art.
61-5 Nishi Takenomaru, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0852 Japan